Welcome to Tales from the Tabletop! We’re a cast and crew of mumblemumble-aged players, designers, artists, and other creatives who come together (at least) once a week to play pen and paper games together.

Our first show, Edge of the World, started when we ran a brief interlude on a collective friend’s Dungeons and Dragons stream, and suddenly realized we didn’t want to stop. We liked the world, the story, the characters and, yes, spending time together. Maybe especially spending time together.

So, we started our own Twitch channel, and we re-recorded some stuff we messed up, and characters meant for a one-shot grew into a party we started to love. Isn’t that how it always goes?

We currently have finished streaming Edge of the World and are releasing it as a podcast. We’re now in progress recording two new shows, one in Edge of the World’s…world of Bailehart, and one entirely new.

We hope you love spending time with us too!