Cat McDonald

Cat is a Canadian game designer (based out of sunny Edmonton, Alberta) who loves TTRPGs, tarot cards, and the heart emoji. She’s basically five golden retriever puppies wearing a trenchcoat and trying to sneak into an R-rated movie.

Playing Drang of the Short Days is challenging for Cat, who cannot even pretend to be any kind of stoic.

She’s had short fiction published in several anthologies, including Tesseracts 22, Equus, and Sirens, and she co-edited The Dame Was Trouble, an anthology of crime fiction centered around the femme fatale. Cat identifies as neither a femme nor particularly fatale, but this did not stop her.

Cat is the Host-King of the podcast Sword of Symphonies, where her cool friends playtest her latest TTRPG. You can find the rules to this game and her other work at Peach Garden Games.