Edge of the World

Black Order 317: Vile Crowns

Issued 331 A.G.

By decree of the Levirian Capital Parliament of the Ooden Dominion, the following order is to take effect in the year 331 of the Age of Gold under direct order of newly appointed High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet. This order has been confirmed by Ironhand Ozir Geirsson to be in accordance with the Iron Trust Agreement (marking that it is in the best interest of the greater peoples of the Ooden Dominion.)

This order is for the immediate denouncement of the Hustrad Empire and the Yufros Sovereignty. Both warring parties are to be denounced for their craven disregard for life, both in their territories and those outside. 

All Ironhands and Overseers within Levirian settlements are to begin making announcements regarding food shortages due to the war as well as instigating escalating anti-Imperial anti-alliance sentiments. We must begin to sow the seeds of a just war in the hearts of the people so we may one day harvest it’s bounty.


High Minister Caeldar Halisstra
High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet

Ooden Dominion Levirian Branch

Parliamentary Order

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