Edge of the World

Black Order 305: Relic Project Addendum 3, VIPER

Issued 321 A.G.

By decree of the Levirian Capital Parliament of the Ooden Dominion, the following order is to take effect in the year 321 of the Age of Gold under direct order of newly appointed High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet. This order has been confirmed by Ironhand Vress Wolkia to be in accordance with the Iron Trust Agreement (marking that it is in the best interest of the greater peoples of the Ooden Dominion.)

This order is for the approval of subject Dioa Uey’s request for recognition within the Ranger Corps as an officer of the Ooden Guard.

Subject Dioa Uey’s request to be recognized officially as a Dominion citizen and given the opportunity to operate officially within the Ooden Guard as a ranking officer has been approved by High Chancellor Albiriet. 

Henceforth Dioa Uey will be given the rank of Lieutenant Senior for her outstanding work within the Ranger Corps, as recognized by Warmaster Broda, and will be shown the full respect and trust of the Ooden Guard as she continues to serve her country with courage and determination.


High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet
Warmaster Morak Broda

Ooden Dominion Levirian Branch

Parliamentary Order

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