Edge of the World

Black Order 316: Winter’s Flower

Colonel Dioa Uey is to immediately return to the capitols with the daughter of Engineer General Tierstern Granter Mirdavr, Jua Mirdav-Ballisson. The Engineer General’s daughter is to be kept safe in the custody of the colonel until reunited with her father. This girl is invaluable to the future of the nation and serves to unite the Ironhand council under the parliament by way of blood right. Should she be lost the punishment for such failure will be execution for treason.

Should the need arise for Ms. Mirdav-Ballisson to be held in place, the Black Ice Tower is the sanctioned holding location. She is to be held there until it is deemed safe to begin travels again.

For your sake colonel, I hope you do not fail.


High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet

Ooden Dominion Levirian Branch

Parliamentary Order

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